First real post.

Hello again. This is officially my first official post.  I like sports.  Watching them specifically. Playing them too although I’m no good at all. Anyone can enjoy sports. Things that caught my attention today and yester-


Everyone loves these guys. I do too. Nice to see C-Webb as well. I’m a long time Kings fan. I remember during the years when the Kings were doing well  (ahem, Tim Donaghy) Charles would rip the Kings and say they’re too soft. Eh, sometimes he was probably right. Most of the time it drove me crazy because I thought the Kings had what it took to win. This Thursday I was watching NBA on TNT and was excited to hear Chuck says he likes Tyreke Evans and the job Paul Westphal is doing.  A small win for a struggling small market sports franchise.  At the time he said this, the Kings were 5-5. I just watched them go to 5-6, but I’m hopeful. It’s  about how you play or how you lose. Should always win. But at least I prefer not to watch you suck at losing. go kings


Watching it on HD is awesome. All sports in HD are awesome.


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