NFL Sunday

Bengals, Kitna, and Carson.

Nothing like good football on Sunday. Today was pretty good. Nice surprise was the Cleveland vs Detroit game. Nothing like 2 crappy teams performing like its a playoff game between 2 actually good teams.  And I’ve warmed up to the Detroit Lions’ crappiness over the years. Its the Kitna connection. Kitna was the replacement QB for the injured Carson in the 2006 season playoff game. Carson Palmer was injured on the opening play and Kitna went on to lose with the Bengals. Since then Kitna had a short stint as starting QB with the Lions and is now backup for Tony Romo. Bengals didn’t too well their following seasons. They Bengals have a shot this season even with the bizarre loss today against the Oakland Raiders.

Raiders, Titans

Speaking of. The Oakland Raiders is a crazy franchise. So far this season they have strangely squeaked wins by Philly and now Cinnci. Another 3 win team  – Titans with Vince Young. Always thought he was a good player, he has Monday Night Footballs honors to continue to prove it this season. He faired much better in his NFL start than other newbie quarterbacks this year.

Viking Favre Peterson

This guy is old with some badass younguns with him. There are the constant jokes about the media and fans slurping him up but he’s such an easy sell. If I tell my non football fanatic friends hey there’s this 40 year old dood playing football and he’s damn good, they’re impressed. Add Peterson and everygame will be easy to entertain.Vikings of course had another great game thisweek against Seattle.

Steelers and Polamalu

Nice overtime win over Steelers by the KC Chiefs. I saw Troy Polamalu on Fallon some weeks ago (with January Jones, woo!) and he may be my new fave player. Too bad the Madden Curse persisted this year. till Next time.

Assassin’s Creed 2

Been playing this on 360 lately. Good decent game. The underlying engine hasn’t changed much. This really should have been how good the first game was. Nice addicting collection missions keep the game length going.  Good story and I feel Italian playing it.


3 Responses to NFL Sunday

  1. slamdunk says:

    I am not sold on Vince Young, but making him the starter was the right move. It will be interesting how he does in front of the national audience.

    • mrpeepants says:

      My first real comment. Forgive me but this is a big moment for me. Thanks! The stories coming from the Titans and VY camp during his hiatus were slightly bizarre making a nice little buzz. Here’s hoping for a non MNF stinker football fans.

  2. I am not sure vince young will do very will in the nfl at least not the same as he did in college

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