Happy (late) Thanksgiving!


Football on Thanksgiving much like NBA on Christmas is a great holiday diversion. Watching the Lions vs Packers as I’m writing this. I mentioned the Lions victory briefly in my NFL Sunday post, I failed to mention the nice finish by Stafford. He had a game winning drive that ended in an injured non-throwing arm pass by Stafford for a TD. Also, Troy Aikman said he looks like a 16 year old. Too bad after as I was writing this he stunk the joint up.

FOX halftime crew is just better than the CBS one. Much more entertaining.

I wasn’t able to watch the Raiders upset the Bengals last week due to NFL black out rules. Arrr. Change it Goodell. Every other week I have to sit through a crappy losing bay area team then a team I want to see and I can’t. and it was a good game.


I started writing this on X-giving but I’m finishing it on Post Tgiving. The Kings are playing the Nets, 0-15. That’s 0-15. They close to tying the worse start which is currently 0-17.

Games -Uncharted 2

My crappy review. Game kicked ass. Best Gfx I’ve seen this gen hands down and ranks up in the all time good lists. I beat it somewhat relatively quickly, I can see how some can complain about that. I did power through it with my watching roommate on hand. Funny it was like the ps3 commercial.  Great acting. The scenes and acting were motion captured, had a hunch it was. Girls were hot. Ridiculous action. Lots of cursing. Killing 1000s of people. Good game.

NBA 2K10

I can’t resist sports games. They let ya do what you watch sports for. NBA 2k10 has a MyPlayer mode.  You start as a rookie in the NBA and attempt to have a long a fruitful NBA career. I was chosen by the Memphis Grizzlies. We were a decent team.  Often struggling to win having a record dipping under .500. Then Shaq the Diesel was traded to the Grizzles. Hah! Now were 6th in the West with about 15-20 games to go. I can only imagine Shaq daddy slinging out his trademark shaqology for Memphis. Good game.

Also just watched Jimmy the Greek from ESPN’s 30 for 30. The Len Bias episode was moving as with this one. Check em out. Ron Artest was in his boxers on Kimmel last week. I miss him . But the Kings are on the upside. Rockets are from him too. Dinner time. So till next time. Hope the Nets get a chance to tie that record.


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