NFL Football Sunday

Great great games on today and also a bonus SEC Championship game on Saturday. And I wasn’t able to watch any of it. Unfortunately. I did catch some of the Raiders Steelers game though.

Games I watched – None. I must wait until next Sunday for my football fix.  Just some of the Pitt Raiders game but I can’t really count that. see below. I still had

Other high notes

Raiders beat another good team

When I was able to catch the game the Raiders were surprising the Steelers with a lead in the fourth. I had to leave right when Steelers took the lead, scoring a TD. Watching Sportscenter as soon as I got the chance after arriving home I was definitely surprised to find Mike Tomlin and Ben Rothlisberger talking about a loss. The Raiders just beat the Bengals and now last years champs the Steelers. Polamalu was still out due to injury though. I just realized that I haven’t been able to catch the highlights for this game yet. Meanwhile fellow bay area team 49ers mismanage the game clock at the end of their game to allow a game winning field goal by Seattle.

Vick scores twice in Atlanta

Michael Vick returned to Atalanta for the Philly Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons. Bird fight. Fans responded well and Andy Reid actually used Vick. Vick even went on to score a passing and rushing TD. It really is weird how the Eagles show some fight this time of the season every year. I was all down on Mike Vick went dog-gate happened. But I’m happy to see him get a 2nd chance and continue to be more productive. Phil won.


Saints remain undefeated in exciting fashion. Looked like time mismanagement to me by Washington but its been that kind of season for the Saints. And it definitely has been that kind of season with the Redskins. Would have been a funny end to the Saints streak from a lost to a team with a coach that has been stripped of playcalling duty. Colts also stay loss free with a win over a lackluster Titans matchup. Good thing I didn’t get around to writing a what to watch with a highlight of this game.

Speaking of undefeated, the Patriots lost back to back games with the 2nd being the Miami Dolphins. Wildcat! I really hope Miami makes a run toward the playoffs so we get to so the wildcat in the playoffs.

and finally

old man Favre lost to old man Kurt Warner. Monday Night Football tomorrow is Ravens vs Packers. Might seem like a boring game to some people but some cool stuff to look for. Ray Rice is the Ravens running back and he’s 5 ft 8. Small size for a RB so yay for the short guy. Ray Lewis is still a beast. Aaron rodgers gets sacked a lot. He’s also got a good QB rating when he’s not sacked. Some say he holds the ball to long (me!), some say the o line sucks. Probably a combination of both. You can decide come MNF.

SEC, BCS, Tebow

The college great Tim Tebow and the Florida gators lost handily to Alabama and Nick Sabin in the SEC championship game. There were tears. Missed this game too unfortunately. I don’t know much about the BCS and college football . I spent a chunk of time again today wiki’ing the BCS, bowls, and conferences. I remember doing this before. Hopefully the BCS and college football will be a little easier for me and everyone else to understand at some point. Regardless the Bowl games and BCS championship game deliver. BCS champ game was announced as Alabama vs. Texas.

My crappy short video game review – Gears of War

Game was really short. Came out a while ago. Solid shooter but nothing new or too crazy. Can’t speak for multiplayer because don’t have live. I kept thinking their is not nearly enough action going on for War to be used in the title of this game. I’d even say just from playing the first GoW game and Halo 1&2 that Halo seemed better. Oh I did really like the active reload mechanic. Nonetheless solid and fun game and I’m looking forward to the 2nd in the franchise. Might tackle Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion next. But the game is massive and I’m guessing time committing so we’ll see.

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything on GoW.


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