NFL Football Sunday

Another Sunday in the books and we’re getting closer and closer to the playoffs.

Games I watched – Cinci vs Minnesota. I was really excited to get to watch this game. If I had to pick a non homestate (Cali) team it would probably be the Bengals. Chad Ochocinco never fails to entertain. Too bad Carson and the Bengals stunk up the place. Good for Peterson and old man Favre to crush a good team. Also watched the Sunday Night New York vs Philly. Exciting game but the NYG defense was cringing at times. Absolutely no pressure on McNabb at all. Cool of Andy Reid to use Vick alot too.

Other high notes

Most of the media and football nation is happy to say that Cowboys suck in December and Chargers do not.

Colts and Saints still undefeated.

Close playoff race in some spots. I’m rooting for Miami to get in which would be funny for many as that means the Patriots crumble at the end of the season.

and finally

Monday Night Football tonight is Arizona vs 49ers. The Californian in me is excited. And also expecting to get killed by the Cards. Hopefully the 49ers can put up a good fight.

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel


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