NFL Football Sunday 01/10/10

Playoffs came. And actually we’re happen it is gone. Sadly most games were bombs

Games I watched – Well, call me a dumbass because I completely forgot about games on Saturday. I blame the NFL. I was not aware. On Sunday I knew I was not going to catch the games because I’d be once again off snowboarding. Fun on the snow with friends shredding ice to miss sports history. I did try to DVR the games. During the snowboarding halftime I caught the Ravens vs Pats game. I also caught the recaps for Saturday. Ocho! wtf! I got back from snowboarding and watched the 3rd & 4th quarter of the Packers Cardinals game just to get my American futball fix. Exciting entertaing game. Too bad my dvr didn’t catch it all.

Other high notes

I caught the end of that game on ESPN. Great game. I’m now stoked to see how Arizona does in the playoffs. Just like last year strangley. You cannot deny the athletic talent of the Arizona recievers. Fitzgerald.
Bengals. Yikes. This s my fav team because of my fav player, Ocho Cinco. With Ocho Cinco and Cedric Benson having pro bowl seasons, seems like the season came to an abrupt end. With talents like ocho and carson you need to be able to make the football fly down the field. The passing game was a far second place to the running game.
The other games were borefest from what I picked up. The Patriots losing doesn’t surprise me from the pespective of Brad to Welker. He’s Tony Romo’s Witten. Yay for Cowboys. The Ravens running backs are entertaining.
My crappy short video game review – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2

I beat this game a while ago. I like the Call of Duty games. Why the fuck is almost every good game on the 360 a shooting game. I’m playing Dragon Ages: Origins right now. The game is highly reviewed and I also agree that its prettty damn good.  I’ll save the discusion on that and more later. The Russian airport shootout is a little shocking and eerie. The fact that it doesn’t even matter is a little redunk. It is eerie and fun to fight off terrorists in the homelands (burger time). Good game just like every other solid first person shooter.

Late Night

Wow. Talk about a cluserfuck Well leno mission accomplished. How funny that the first mention of carson daily I hear is on Letterman. It seems only fitting that Leno’s rival, old crazy Letterman,  brings up the person who is completely fucked in this deal. None of the talks or articles mention what exactly would happen to Carson and his show. Jimmy Fallon and the Roots would supposedly be placed into Carson’s hard to be succussful time slot. Leno just retire. Frankly you suck and above all you said you would and if you don’t you’re creating a arrogant clusterfuck that’ll eventually even turn the supporters you have now.

and finally

playoffs playoffs playoffs. exciting sports weekend to come. seeya then

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel


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