NFL Football Playoffs

This  weekend was supposed to have great football games. It didn’t. Most were uneven blowouts. Thankfully the Jets Chargers game was entertaining.

Games I watched – I caught all of them. Most of the 3 blowouts and I did watch all of the NY SD game and it was great. The Chargers somehow satiated my hatred for them. The team has a great season and loses in the playoffs. Lather rinse repeat for the recent team’s seasons. Got to give credit to the Jets. Strong defense and running game. Revis is a monster of a cornerback. You must have heard already about his shutting down many talented wide receivers this year. “Randy Moss twice, Terrell Owens twice, Ochocinco twice, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Marques Colston, Steve Smith, Roddy White, Mike Sims-Walker … They averaged 2.9 receptions and 26.4 yards against Revis.” ( On the other side of the ball you got the run game and Mark Sanchez. And on the other side of the ball you got the persistent running game from the Jets which was in full force.

Other high notes

Vikings win convincingly. Favre was on point and Sidney Rice is a beast.
Boring lopsided games. Yikes. I stopped watching the Cards Saints game. There was just no fight from the 3 losing teams this weekend, not exciting football to watch
Nate Kaeding missed 3 field goals for the Chargers. After the 3rd he just had a blank dumbfounded look on the sidelines. Kudos on the broadcast team to get these sad shots. I root for people to perform well but I won’t deny its delightful as hell to see someone fall flat. Kickers were just not too successful this year.

My crappy short video game review

No review this week. I’m still playing Dragon Ages Origins. Should have it beat in time for next week. I have my complaints about the game but I can say that its a pretty damn good game.

Late Night

screw you Jay Leno.

and finally

The Sacramento Kings have been on a slide. With a big handful of losses with only 1 win in the recent games. Sigh. At least Kevin Martin is on the court. Next week NFC AFC championship games.

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel


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