NFL Football Pro Bowl?? 01/31/10

Game I watched – I was part of the surprising 12.3 million people that watched the Pro Bowl. Google tells me thats a 40% increase from last year and the highest viewed Pro Bowl ever. I guess moving it to before the Superbowl works. People are still chomping at the bit for anything football. I stopped watching before the end of the 1st half though. I couldn’t take too much more when I saw Vince Young throw it way under on a 3rd & 18.

Other high notes – Its always entertaining to see the greatest get together for an all star game but Tirico, Gruden, and Jaws did a decent job of selling these athletes. Mic’d QBs for the playcalls was a nice touch too.


Joepardy is aces in my book. I recently put it in my dvdr and am not disappointed. I’m not a sexist guy but I like to joke. The one male on Friday‘s show had the lowest score I’ve ever seen at the end of double jeopardy with an awesome -$2800. This left the 2 other contestants to get the clue with the topic “Pro Sports”. The Final Jeopardy clue was “The official address of the Atlanta Braves is No. 755 on the drive named for this man.” My first thought was if they provided a year this has to do with a high profile player dealing with blacks and baseball. Looking back I think the year would have made it really obvious. Only Brave I could think of at the time was John Smoltz. Hah! The returning champion Rebecca guessed correctly and Francie oddly went with Martin Kuther King Jr.

My crappy short review

No official review this week. I am grinding through some stuff for further reviewing. Loving Mass Effect 2. Also catching up on old Hellboy and BPRD trades. Mike Mignola and crew are great.

and finally

I’m not sure how I’m going to tweek my posts for post NFL season. I do mainly want this to be a sports blog about everything blog. I will continue to at least post weekly. I can do this.

next week is the game. Gather the kids, friends, fam and get drunk, eat and cheer for full grown males to bash their heads against each other in the fantastic ritual of the Superbowl.


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