Super Bowl 02/07/10

Ever since the genesis of this blog and this lazy format I have, I’ve wrestled whether I should include NFL in the post title. I feel like football applies to soccer. But NFL is very corporate and NFL Football is just too redundant. ah well. Good thing everyone knows what the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl.

Games I watched –

The Super Bowl.

High Notes

Great game and great finish. I did pick the Colts to win. I wanted the Saints to win for New Orleans but I wanted the Colts to win just on from the fact that I thought they would win. Payton was not the killer sniper quarterback only in the 1st quarter and the Saints were the dominant destined team from the early seasons in the 2nd half.

The offside kick, the big dropped passes, the interception.

Garrett Hartley is the Saints kicker that made 3 field goals. Nate Kaeding missed 3 field goals for the Chargers. Just watching the play I expected him to miss but he made long field goals again and again. His points were timely and clutch. If he missed, Saints could have been in a much deeper hole.

Wilbon from PTI and other sports peeps from the sports world have said the NFL has stuck to old acts like the Who, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones since the Justin Janet boobie debacle. While this is sadly true, it upsets me for these list to miss shining spots in bad runs. Many people say the NBA dunk contest sucked except Vince C’s showing. I think Jason Richardson did things in the dunk contest that were incredible and shit amazing. Just like J-Rich, Prince should not be overlooked for being a standout in a line of duds. I like lots of music and even the old doods in recent sb history but the oldness is disparingly obvious.

My crappy short review – Mass Effect 2

After some marathon like playing, my ME2 Shephard has once again made paragon decisions, romanced a Normandy crew member, and saved the galaxy. During some playtime I thought at times that ME1 was better than ME2 but it really is just a continuation. I liked Penny Arcades comparison to DE2 in the terms of RPG streamlining. My aha moment was when at some point in playing ME2 I thought – it’s like playing an old school adventure game except instead of solving the quest through a difficult mind confusing blowing puzzle, you action adventure modern shoot and cover. Part 2 still has an engaging story. Cool ending. (no spoilers but I dunno why Thane couldn’t fill a roll in the end, he was a badass.) Sadly it felt like it was over quickly. We gotta wait forever now for ME3. The Mass Effect franchise does not disappoint.

I was thinking of having a score system with my reviews. I really should. Writing is easy for me to write but so are scores for people to read. will try for next time

And finally

woo. finally got this post out. You’d think with the big game I’d at least get this post out by Monday. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to continue my posts. Stay tuned. I have at least 1 post and random ideas for other posts.


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