Olympic NBA All-Star Weekend 02/12/10

Football is over thats the headline. I watch way to much television and sports. I think the blog is safe for the nobody that visit it.

Games I watched

I watched the olympics and NBA All-Star Weekend. I think that was dumbly clear (on my part, poor writing). Both good but AllStar weekend did have its disappointments as did the the winter olympics.

High notes
The dunk contest sucked. I gotta say it. I’ve always found something to enjoy in the dunk contest even in the off years. Newbie hungry Gerald Wallace,  J-Rich  showstoppers, Fred Jones, and Josh Smith.The All-Star Game wouldn’t have sucked if they did’t foul. I like the street ball suggestion of no refs and having them call their own fouls.

I didn’t really watch the olympics until the 2008 Summer Games. It was good and the Winter side hasn’t disappointed me either. The opening ceremonies was not as good as the Chinese spectacle but its still all good. There is just something fantastic about being on ice.

Tons of olymipics stuff to keep you glued to the TV.

My crappy short review

No official review this week. I’m playing Bayontta right now and have some other games lined up. I’m thinking  of a comic, movie, or tv show to switch it up maybe nextime though.

Lindsey Vonn is hot and supposedly has hurt buzz.

Snowboard cross looks awesome. This is my first snowboarding season. Its awesome seeing the snow and these athletes do their thing.

Comcast!! Other blogs and reports have mentioned the non-availability of MSNBC HD in their areas. It sucks. That’s gonna be hocky sometimes. wtf?

Delay! Living in the west coast. Once again screwed by not seeing things live again.

and finally

In this part I usually add something about the Kings so I will mention that Tyreke Evans won Rookie vs. Sophmore MVP. But I think some other player were in high contension. Enjoy the olympics. I’ll try to talk about the NFL next week.


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