Olympics 02/25/10

I wanted to date that for Sunday the 21st but it doesn’t really make sense now the football posts are done with. This post is late. sorry to the nobody who read this blog.

Games I watched

Olympics. Since this post is well past the weekend I forget what I specifically watched during the weekend. Throughout the week there was plenty of Olympic winter watching. This is my first season snowboarding and I am know in agreement that ice and snow is awesome.

High notes

Plenty of random thoughts.

Shaun White is insane on the snowboard. He airs 100 feet higher than the competition. And the mctwist 12 is digusting.

Hockey. I love hockey now. I don’t know what other sports I can follow at this point. I’m not sure why it took me this long to come around to hockey. My first cool roommate was a big Ducks fan. I did recently get addicted to NHL 10 on the 360 and that shirley [sic] is some reason for my new found fascination with hockey. If sports can be called beautiful  then hockey should be an easy example right? Its like figure skating but with a puck and net.

Snowboard cross. Cool. Needs to be built and snow resorts, parks and hills.

Sunny winter games. The conditions  have been entertaining. The coarse for many races was Kwik-E mart slushy from infavorable temperatures and sun.

Lag. Tape delay in this day and age. Fresh off the heels of the late night fiasco NBC disappoints again. No freaking sense. NBC should show a live showing and have a primetime recap.

My crappy short review – NBA2k10, Fifa 10, NHL10

This is a sports blog. I love sports. Love vid games too. “Nintendo” is what most parents would say to us now older players. I’m not sure when it became the norm to include a “Be a pro” mode in sports game along with franchise and season. Its probably my fav thing in gaming today. I’ve become addicted to the mode in each of these games. There is just a different perspective when you only control yourself and have to play your role on your team. Getting a game winning goal or shot is satisfying as hell too. The combo of graphics and authentic feel of the sport in all these games is aces. Madden also has a Be a pro mode but its kind of ho-hum and everyone has freaking played madden to death anyways. I said I would attempt a scoring system so here goes. I want to say 9/10 because perfection should be harder to come by. As typing this I came up with a solution I’m happy with. Collectively the games get 10/10. Individually 9/10. Go buy all 3 games at the same time for 10/10.

And finally

That made me happy. Kevin Martin was trade in some funky deal with Houston and New York. That made me sad. I hope his prime is still beyond him because he was a beast and fantasy basketball favoritve previously. I hopeful that Carl Landry will be badass for the Kings because many sign point to him being so. watch hockey olympic and nhl. usa!


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