Late Olympics wrap-up 03/05/10

argh. This post is late. I try to get them posted Monday. Tues/Wednesday at the lastest. Not that anyone cares but I guess I do. I surprisingly haven’t missed a weekly post yet.

Games I watched

I did watch the Canada vs USA olympic hockey final. Superb game. I don’t know what you could ask for more. I guess US winning for us Americans. Regardless, super entertaining game. Now that this is over I’m looking forward to catching Sharks games.

Other high notes

There has been talk of whether Warriors’ Stephen Curry or Kings’ Tyreke Evans. Of course My vote goes for Reke. I just hope that the warriors keep Curry around and not trade him like all the talent the teams gets a hold of.

My crappy short review – Halo 3: ODST

Another 1st person shooter beaten. I co-oped this one this time. The experience didn’t really feel much different that my solo adventures but its more fun. I liked Halo 3. It was fun and solid. ODST is just as fun. The hub main world where you wander as a rookie in the streets is a little annoying. Its dark and kinda boring wandering around looking for the target checkpoint. Cool voice acting and cool story. Nerd fav Nathon Fillion plays a major roll. This is hard to grade. 8.4/10

and finally

The olympics are over. Spring training has started. Baseball “season” is way too long.


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