Late late 03/14/10

This is a late late post. That makes me sad. I’ve never been this late.

Games I watched

I’ll be honest. I’m trying to think of games I saw last week and the week before and I can’t remember much. I am positive that some sports were watched though. I caught parts of some Kings and Sharks game. Oh, I also remember catching some of the NHL on NBC sunday game. The Kings lost as usual and the hockey game was exciting. Yes, titillating news for a sports blog.

Other high notes

Nothing. Zach Galifinakis was pretty funny on SNL. Tiger will play before the the Masters (I think). and Favre will play next year. Sorry I know these are cheap but I got nothin.

My crappy short review – Left 4 Dead

Played this co-op with a friend like Halo 3: ODST. Good game. Fast zombies. The zombie package must be good if fast zombies are used. Must be really fun with 4 human players. Any and every 1st person shooter big fan should check out Left 4 Dead. It has a pretty unique trigger finger style. Its just damn fast. I guess some can say it is short and can get repetitive. Once you learn to cover an area well with 4 people, the next next and next area won’t be incredibly different than the last. Note though that I’m not taking much multiplayer vs online or offline experience into the score because I don’t have xbox live. and I just don’t play much online games nowadays.

and finally

I will try to post early to cover this week. It is selection Sunday today. March madness is good easy fun.  pick a team and hope they win.


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