Happy New Year!! 12/30/10

Well almost. I was gone from this blog a long time. I don’t really know why but I’m back. And we’re back

Games I watched

I watched football. The NFL season is coming to a close. Playoffs will be awesome. The playoff picture isn’t set yet but my pick will be Philly Eagles. Like that Michael Vick. I missed posting for the whole season. Some highlights – Bay area teams still suck even with a lot help. Would be nice if the Raiders or 49ers actually made the playoffs instead of being not even really close but appearing to be somewhat in the hunt. Also Brett Favre texted his oenis to Jenn Sterger.

The San Francisco Giants won the world series. hell ya

The Kings drafted Demarcus Cousins this year. He is thought of as a good player with possible attitude problems. He’s good and no Artest moments yet. Problem is the Kings still suck. Losing all the time must suck. Awesomely Tyreke Evans got a halfcourt game winning shot last night.

Other high notes

Nothing. Zach Galifinakis was pretty funny on SNL. Tiger will play before the the Masters (I think). and Favre will play next year. Sorry I know these are cheap but I got nothin.

My crappy short review – Fallout 3 New Vegas

I wonder what I would grade Fallout 3 when I played it when it came out. I recall that I wasn’t very kind on my opinion of it. Same goes for New Vegas. The game did have is addicting and charming traits but it was bundled with a lot of frustration. There is lots of getting lost, backtracking, and drab claustrophobic areas. Just too much of an expansion pack of Fallout 3. Still fun game. I’ll go with a 7/10


and finally

Last week of the season before NFL playoffs. happy holidays. happy new year!


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