March 2, 2011

hmm. I thought I had a post super bowl post. Oops.

Games I watched

I did watch the super bowl. Aaron Rodgers was good. I was right. woohoo. I’ve been watching Sharks and Sacramento Kings games. Sharks are doing well and things get even worse for the Kings. There was a recent rumor that the Kings were going to move to Anaheim. The team has had troubles for a while with getting an arena. I’ve grown up watching the Kings. Last night was fan night at Arco Arena. I’m a ridiculously sad pathetic Kings loyalist, so seeing Arco Areno filled and buzzing in our game yesterday against the Clippers felt great. The win was sorely needed. I’ve joked for a while that the Maloofs are going to take the Kings and set up shop in Las Vegas. Hope I’m completely wrong.

Other High notes

Dunk contest was sick. google it. Oscars was Sunday. This year I watched every Best Picture Oscar nominee. I was surprised at how many I initially watched then I actively searched for and watched the rest. My pick is Toy Story 3. All good movies though.

My crappy short review –none

Hm. I’m playing quite a few games but nothing new. Haven’t completed anything either so no new review. I’ll aim for a double review next post.


And finally

March madness up next.