NFL Football Playoffs 01/24/10

January 25, 2010

The Superbowl teams are now set in stone.

Games I watched – A week into the playoffs I realized that while this format works well with the regular season, it is a little funky for the playoffs, but I’m a lazy bastard so lets continue. I did catch both AFC and the NFC championship games. The Jets Colts game was good until Manning caught on and started destroying the great Jets D. Just shows how good the guy is. He adapted to the game and by the end he was unstoppable. Would have been entertaining to have Dirty Mark Sanchez and Sexy Coach Rexy in the superbowl. Still good surprising season by the Jets.

I was really looking forward to this game. Favre! Ok, I know its funny how much the media loves him and how much people can and especially the interwebs loath him but I gotta admit I’m on the loving side. I did like the Saints years ago when Katrina happened but for some reason they kind of bug me know. It is great for the city of New Orleans though and I’m happy for them and congratulate them. As for the Vikings and Favre, it does  indeed suck. Fumblefest. If they just held onto the ball a little you would think that the Vikings would be the ones to go to the big dance. Must be awesome for Favre haters to see that last turnover too. Either way this was definitely an entertaining game

Other high notes

My guess is that Favre stays. He will not want to leave on that note. And he had a great season with youngplayers. One more year. I don’t see anything that would hinder having another successful Vikings season.

Damn he took some nasty hits. Vikings offense did not do a good job of protecting the QB

My crappy short video game review – Dragon Age: Origins

Aah. I super liked and hated this game. Well mostly like but there was some definite despise at times. First I will say that it is a fantastic game. If you are a fan of a good ol PC RPG this is def the game for you. Good story, great great characters, lots of hilarious dialogue, good hack n slashing.

The dialogue options had its LOL moments. The micro management for me at times got a little weary. The inventory sytem is blah. I do not want to pick up something off every enemy that I will just sell after I put it in my tiny inventory. The fact that only rogues unlock locked chests enraged me. I didn’t care about the loot but I didn’t know until more than halfway through the game that unlocking a chest gives xp. It pretty much just forces you to have a rogue in the party at all times. The last boss pissed me off. I never really ranged attacked except with my mage who was indisposed by the end of the game due to story reasons. So final battle phase 2 left me in the pits. Ya there were balistas but again unjamming them is only a rogue talent. I would have built my rogue much different if I knew I needed her so much. Oh and too long for me at times. This game sucked the life outa me. Despite all that I must admit this game was pretty damn excellent. Counting Mass Effect, 2 great recent RPGs. and speaking of I cannot freaking wait for Mass Effect 2. Have not been this excited for a game in years.

Late Night

I did think the sparseness of my late night section from my last post was funny but I did want to elaborate a little more. Even though its been discussed ad nauseum, I’ll try to talk about 2 topics that I felt were only glazed over in the recent late night blitz. Since I have mainly talked about sports in this blog, I’ll relate it to that. and music. Jay Leno does not care about either. I watched Leno for years. Looking back I have no idea why I did, I should have been watching Letterman but it took me a while to switch. I remember watching one night and Ellen asked him something about maybe the Grammys (I forget exactly, it was years ago) along the lines if he was excited to see the result of an award. He admitted he knows Dick bupkis about music today and in general for a long time. It really reflects on the show as the musical guests are often of the easy pop mainstream variety.

On the sports side it is just apparent the guy knows nothing about sports next to Letterman and Coco. Letterman and Conan have had many great musical acts and seem to genuinely enjoy it. Letterman is clearly a huge sports fan. He recently had a nice interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson about his time at the U (of Miami) and his father’s wrestling career. Conan is a big baseball fan and does his part in having great interviews with athletes ranging the sports field.

Sacramento Kings watch

The Sacramento Kings continue to lose on a 7 game streak and winning only 1 in the past 13 games. Sadly this is exactly what I feared after having some tough losses. I admit I stopped catching every single game. Just heartbreaking and crappy watching 2-3 hours of your fav team getting their butt kicked.

and finally

wow. My longest post. I try to keep things short and sweet but sometimes I feel like I can go on forever. Superbowl in 2 weeks. woo!

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel


NFL Sunday 01/04/2010

January 5, 2010
Playoffs?!! Playoffs?!
Playoffs next week!

Games I watched – I watched Pitt and Miami. I wanted to see how teams responded in a must win situation. I liked Miami. Wildcat!! So its too bad that they sustained 2 QB injuries and their playoff chances were slim to none. Henne out in 2nd half with eye injury?? A quick google and a Miami Herald article said Chad Henne got hit in the head and couldn’t rid blurry vision. Pat White subbed in. Looked completely lost. For passing he had only 1 uncompleted pass play. Just a handful of play into being subbed in, White ran the ball and got a rough collision, helmet to helmet with Ike Taylor. You  can plainly see he was out after the collision. Scary sight. Nice to here he was released from the hospital Monday morning and said to be ok.

Watched Philly vs Cowboys. With another win its good for Dallas to have a good December.

I also watched half of the night game, Bengals vs Jets. Too bad the Bengals didn’t play. Oh and I hope ocho is 100% for next week. Injuries suck.

Other high notes

oops. see above.
My crappy short video game review – Mass Effect

I keep forgetting to get to these. I have still been an achievement 360 binge. I heard lost of good things from Mass Effect but I was skeptical. I didn’t really get into Star Wars KOTOR. Fighting and dialogue was awkward. But I always did want to give it another chance. Mass Effect blew me away. I did hear of the saucy romantical scenes included but other than stellar reviews and that it was made by BioWare, nothing else. Oh ya I heard about the elevators. Fantastic story and universe, really fleshed out. Characters are all unique. It took a while to get used to the combat but I adjusted. Its damn satisfying using biotics to toss and lift people up while you blast them with your super duper future blasters.

The dialogue all was engaging and the speech choice options kept things exciting. One minor complaint I can say is that sometimes the brief description of the dialogue choice differed from what I thought my character wanted to say.

I could go on and on but this is supposed to be short and crappy. Right now I can just say for me best game I played on the 360. Best of the best with GTA IV. Can’t wait for Mass Effect 2. I haven’t been this excited for a game in a while.

and finally

Last post I mentioned back to back tough losses by the Sac Kings. The Kings fortuitous schedule allowed them to get another chance against Lakers on Friday the first. After blowing a 20 point lead Umi Udoka gets a chance to seal the game with 2 free throws and lead by 4 points with seconds remaining on the clock. Both close misses – Kobe left wide open for a 3. Game over. Happy new years everyone!

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel

NFL Football Sunday

December 14, 2009
Another Sunday in the books and we’re getting closer and closer to the playoffs.

Games I watched – Cinci vs Minnesota. I was really excited to get to watch this game. If I had to pick a non homestate (Cali) team it would probably be the Bengals. Chad Ochocinco never fails to entertain. Too bad Carson and the Bengals stunk up the place. Good for Peterson and old man Favre to crush a good team. Also watched the Sunday Night New York vs Philly. Exciting game but the NYG defense was cringing at times. Absolutely no pressure on McNabb at all. Cool of Andy Reid to use Vick alot too.

Other high notes

Most of the media and football nation is happy to say that Cowboys suck in December and Chargers do not.

Colts and Saints still undefeated.

Close playoff race in some spots. I’m rooting for Miami to get in which would be funny for many as that means the Patriots crumble at the end of the season.

and finally

Monday Night Football tonight is Arizona vs 49ers. The Californian in me is excited. And also expecting to get killed by the Cards. Hopefully the 49ers can put up a good fight.

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel

NFL Football Sunday

December 7, 2009

Great great games on today and also a bonus SEC Championship game on Saturday. And I wasn’t able to watch any of it. Unfortunately. I did catch some of the Raiders Steelers game though.

Games I watched – None. I must wait until next Sunday for my football fix.  Just some of the Pitt Raiders game but I can’t really count that. see below. I still had

Other high notes

Raiders beat another good team

When I was able to catch the game the Raiders were surprising the Steelers with a lead in the fourth. I had to leave right when Steelers took the lead, scoring a TD. Watching Sportscenter as soon as I got the chance after arriving home I was definitely surprised to find Mike Tomlin and Ben Rothlisberger talking about a loss. The Raiders just beat the Bengals and now last years champs the Steelers. Polamalu was still out due to injury though. I just realized that I haven’t been able to catch the highlights for this game yet. Meanwhile fellow bay area team 49ers mismanage the game clock at the end of their game to allow a game winning field goal by Seattle.

Vick scores twice in Atlanta

Michael Vick returned to Atalanta for the Philly Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons. Bird fight. Fans responded well and Andy Reid actually used Vick. Vick even went on to score a passing and rushing TD. It really is weird how the Eagles show some fight this time of the season every year. I was all down on Mike Vick went dog-gate happened. But I’m happy to see him get a 2nd chance and continue to be more productive. Phil won.


Saints remain undefeated in exciting fashion. Looked like time mismanagement to me by Washington but its been that kind of season for the Saints. And it definitely has been that kind of season with the Redskins. Would have been a funny end to the Saints streak from a lost to a team with a coach that has been stripped of playcalling duty. Colts also stay loss free with a win over a lackluster Titans matchup. Good thing I didn’t get around to writing a what to watch with a highlight of this game.

Speaking of undefeated, the Patriots lost back to back games with the 2nd being the Miami Dolphins. Wildcat! I really hope Miami makes a run toward the playoffs so we get to so the wildcat in the playoffs.

and finally

old man Favre lost to old man Kurt Warner. Monday Night Football tomorrow is Ravens vs Packers. Might seem like a boring game to some people but some cool stuff to look for. Ray Rice is the Ravens running back and he’s 5 ft 8. Small size for a RB so yay for the short guy. Ray Lewis is still a beast. Aaron rodgers gets sacked a lot. He’s also got a good QB rating when he’s not sacked. Some say he holds the ball to long (me!), some say the o line sucks. Probably a combination of both. You can decide come MNF.

SEC, BCS, Tebow

The college great Tim Tebow and the Florida gators lost handily to Alabama and Nick Sabin in the SEC championship game. There were tears. Missed this game too unfortunately. I don’t know much about the BCS and college football . I spent a chunk of time again today wiki’ing the BCS, bowls, and conferences. I remember doing this before. Hopefully the BCS and college football will be a little easier for me and everyone else to understand at some point. Regardless the Bowl games and BCS championship game deliver. BCS champ game was announced as Alabama vs. Texas.

My crappy short video game review – Gears of War

Game was really short. Came out a while ago. Solid shooter but nothing new or too crazy. Can’t speak for multiplayer because don’t have live. I kept thinking their is not nearly enough action going on for War to be used in the title of this game. I’d even say just from playing the first GoW game and Halo 1&2 that Halo seemed better. Oh I did really like the active reload mechanic. Nonetheless solid and fun game and I’m looking forward to the 2nd in the franchise. Might tackle Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion next. But the game is massive and I’m guessing time committing so we’ll see.

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything on GoW.

NFL Sunday

November 23, 2009

Bengals, Kitna, and Carson.

Nothing like good football on Sunday. Today was pretty good. Nice surprise was the Cleveland vs Detroit game. Nothing like 2 crappy teams performing like its a playoff game between 2 actually good teams.  And I’ve warmed up to the Detroit Lions’ crappiness over the years. Its the Kitna connection. Kitna was the replacement QB for the injured Carson in the 2006 season playoff game. Carson Palmer was injured on the opening play and Kitna went on to lose with the Bengals. Since then Kitna had a short stint as starting QB with the Lions and is now backup for Tony Romo. Bengals didn’t too well their following seasons. They Bengals have a shot this season even with the bizarre loss today against the Oakland Raiders.

Raiders, Titans

Speaking of. The Oakland Raiders is a crazy franchise. So far this season they have strangely squeaked wins by Philly and now Cinnci. Another 3 win team  – Titans with Vince Young. Always thought he was a good player, he has Monday Night Footballs honors to continue to prove it this season. He faired much better in his NFL start than other newbie quarterbacks this year.

Viking Favre Peterson

This guy is old with some badass younguns with him. There are the constant jokes about the media and fans slurping him up but he’s such an easy sell. If I tell my non football fanatic friends hey there’s this 40 year old dood playing football and he’s damn good, they’re impressed. Add Peterson and everygame will be easy to entertain.Vikings of course had another great game thisweek against Seattle.

Steelers and Polamalu

Nice overtime win over Steelers by the KC Chiefs. I saw Troy Polamalu on Fallon some weeks ago (with January Jones, woo!) and he may be my new fave player. Too bad the Madden Curse persisted this year. till Next time.

Assassin’s Creed 2

Been playing this on 360 lately. Good decent game. The underlying engine hasn’t changed much. This really should have been how good the first game was. Nice addicting collection missions keep the game length going.  Good story and I feel Italian playing it.