Olympics 02/25/10

February 26, 2010

I wanted to date that for Sunday the 21st but it doesn’t really make sense now the football posts are done with. This post is late. sorry to the nobody who read this blog.

Games I watched

Olympics. Since this post is well past the weekend I forget what I specifically watched during the weekend. Throughout the week there was plenty of Olympic winter watching. This is my first season snowboarding and I am know in agreement that ice and snow is awesome.

High notes

Plenty of random thoughts.

Shaun White is insane on the snowboard. He airs 100 feet higher than the competition. And the mctwist 12 is digusting.

Hockey. I love hockey now. I don’t know what other sports I can follow at this point. I’m not sure why it took me this long to come around to hockey. My first cool roommate was a big Ducks fan. I did recently get addicted to NHL 10 on the 360 and that shirley [sic] is some reason for my new found fascination with hockey. If sports can be called beautiful  then hockey should be an easy example right? Its like figure skating but with a puck and net.

Snowboard cross. Cool. Needs to be built and snow resorts, parks and hills.

Sunny winter games. The conditions  have been entertaining. The coarse for many races was Kwik-E mart slushy from infavorable temperatures and sun.

Lag. Tape delay in this day and age. Fresh off the heels of the late night fiasco NBC disappoints again. No freaking sense. NBC should show a live showing and have a primetime recap.

My crappy short review – NBA2k10, Fifa 10, NHL10

This is a sports blog. I love sports. Love vid games too. “Nintendo” is what most parents would say to us now older players. I’m not sure when it became the norm to include a “Be a pro” mode in sports game along with franchise and season. Its probably my fav thing in gaming today. I’ve become addicted to the mode in each of these games. There is just a different perspective when you only control yourself and have to play your role on your team. Getting a game winning goal or shot is satisfying as hell too. The combo of graphics and authentic feel of the sport in all these games is aces. Madden also has a Be a pro mode but its kind of ho-hum and everyone has freaking played madden to death anyways. I said I would attempt a scoring system so here goes. I want to say 9/10 because perfection should be harder to come by. As typing this I came up with a solution I’m happy with. Collectively the games get 10/10. Individually 9/10. Go buy all 3 games at the same time for 10/10.

And finally

That made me happy. Kevin Martin was trade in some funky deal with Houston and New York. That made me sad. I hope his prime is still beyond him because he was a beast and fantasy basketball favoritve previously. I hopeful that Carl Landry will be badass for the Kings because many sign point to him being so. watch hockey olympic and nhl. usa!


Olympic NBA All-Star Weekend 02/12/10

February 16, 2010

Football is over thats the headline. I watch way to much television and sports. I think the blog is safe for the nobody that visit it.

Games I watched

I watched the olympics and NBA All-Star Weekend. I think that was dumbly clear (on my part, poor writing). Both good but AllStar weekend did have its disappointments as did the the winter olympics.

High notes
The dunk contest sucked. I gotta say it. I’ve always found something to enjoy in the dunk contest even in the off years. Newbie hungry Gerald Wallace,  J-Rich  showstoppers, Fred Jones, and Josh Smith.The All-Star Game wouldn’t have sucked if they did’t foul. I like the street ball suggestion of no refs and having them call their own fouls.

I didn’t really watch the olympics until the 2008 Summer Games. It was good and the Winter side hasn’t disappointed me either. The opening ceremonies was not as good as the Chinese spectacle but its still all good. There is just something fantastic about being on ice.

Tons of olymipics stuff to keep you glued to the TV.

My crappy short review

No official review this week. I’m playing Bayontta right now and have some other games lined up. I’m thinking  of a comic, movie, or tv show to switch it up maybe nextime though.

Lindsey Vonn is hot and supposedly has hurt buzz.

Snowboard cross looks awesome. This is my first snowboarding season. Its awesome seeing the snow and these athletes do their thing.

Comcast!! Other blogs and reports have mentioned the non-availability of MSNBC HD in their areas. It sucks. That’s gonna be hocky sometimes. wtf?

Delay! Living in the west coast. Once again screwed by not seeing things live again.

and finally

In this part I usually add something about the Kings so I will mention that Tyreke Evans won Rookie vs. Sophmore MVP. But I think some other player were in high contension. Enjoy the olympics. I’ll try to talk about the NFL next week.

Super Bowl 02/07/10

February 10, 2010

Ever since the genesis of this blog and this lazy format I have, I’ve wrestled whether I should include NFL in the post title. I feel like football applies to soccer. But NFL is very corporate and NFL Football is just too redundant. ah well. Good thing everyone knows what the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl.

Games I watched –

The Super Bowl.

High Notes

Great game and great finish. I did pick the Colts to win. I wanted the Saints to win for New Orleans but I wanted the Colts to win just on from the fact that I thought they would win. Payton was not the killer sniper quarterback only in the 1st quarter and the Saints were the dominant destined team from the early seasons in the 2nd half.

The offside kick, the big dropped passes, the interception.

Garrett Hartley is the Saints kicker that made 3 field goals. Nate Kaeding missed 3 field goals for the Chargers. Just watching the play I expected him to miss but he made long field goals again and again. His points were timely and clutch. If he missed, Saints could have been in a much deeper hole.

Wilbon from PTI and other sports peeps from the sports world have said the NFL has stuck to old acts like the Who, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones since the Justin Janet boobie debacle. While this is sadly true, it upsets me for these list to miss shining spots in bad runs. Many people say the NBA dunk contest sucked except Vince C’s showing. I think Jason Richardson did things in the dunk contest that were incredible and shit amazing. Just like J-Rich, Prince should not be overlooked for being a standout in a line of duds. I like lots of music and even the old doods in recent sb history but the oldness is disparingly obvious.

My crappy short review – Mass Effect 2

After some marathon like playing, my ME2 Shephard has once again made paragon decisions, romanced a Normandy crew member, and saved the galaxy. During some playtime I thought at times that ME1 was better than ME2 but it really is just a continuation. I liked Penny Arcades comparison to DE2 in the terms of RPG streamlining. My aha moment was when at some point in playing ME2 I thought – it’s like playing an old school adventure game except instead of solving the quest through a difficult mind confusing blowing puzzle, you action adventure modern shoot and cover. Part 2 still has an engaging story. Cool ending. (no spoilers but I dunno why Thane couldn’t fill a roll in the end, he was a badass.) Sadly it felt like it was over quickly. We gotta wait forever now for ME3. The Mass Effect franchise does not disappoint.

I was thinking of having a score system with my reviews. I really should. Writing is easy for me to write but so are scores for people to read. will try for next time

And finally

woo. finally got this post out. You’d think with the big game I’d at least get this post out by Monday. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to continue my posts. Stay tuned. I have at least 1 post and random ideas for other posts.

NFL Football Pro Bowl?? 01/31/10

February 2, 2010

Game I watched – I was part of the surprising 12.3 million people that watched the Pro Bowl. Google tells me thats a 40% increase from last year and the highest viewed Pro Bowl ever. I guess moving it to before the Superbowl works. People are still chomping at the bit for anything football. I stopped watching before the end of the 1st half though. I couldn’t take too much more when I saw Vince Young throw it way under on a 3rd & 18.

Other high notes – Its always entertaining to see the greatest get together for an all star game but Tirico, Gruden, and Jaws did a decent job of selling these athletes. Mic’d QBs for the playcalls was a nice touch too.


Joepardy is aces in my book. I recently put it in my dvdr and am not disappointed. I’m not a sexist guy but I like to joke. The one male on Friday‘s show had the lowest score I’ve ever seen at the end of double jeopardy with an awesome -$2800. This left the 2 other contestants to get the clue with the topic “Pro Sports”. The Final Jeopardy clue was “The official address of the Atlanta Braves is No. 755 on the drive named for this man.” My first thought was if they provided a year this has to do with a high profile player dealing with blacks and baseball. Looking back I think the year would have made it really obvious. Only Brave I could think of at the time was John Smoltz. Hah! The returning champion Rebecca guessed correctly and Francie oddly went with Martin Kuther King Jr.

My crappy short review

No official review this week. I am grinding through some stuff for further reviewing. Loving Mass Effect 2. Also catching up on old Hellboy and BPRD trades. Mike Mignola and crew are great.

and finally

I’m not sure how I’m going to tweek my posts for post NFL season. I do mainly want this to be a sports blog about everything blog. I will continue to at least post weekly. I can do this.

next week is the game. Gather the kids, friends, fam and get drunk, eat and cheer for full grown males to bash their heads against each other in the fantastic ritual of the Superbowl.

NFL Football Playoffs 01/24/10

January 25, 2010

The Superbowl teams are now set in stone.

Games I watched – A week into the playoffs I realized that while this format works well with the regular season, it is a little funky for the playoffs, but I’m a lazy bastard so lets continue. I did catch both AFC and the NFC championship games. The Jets Colts game was good until Manning caught on and started destroying the great Jets D. Just shows how good the guy is. He adapted to the game and by the end he was unstoppable. Would have been entertaining to have Dirty Mark Sanchez and Sexy Coach Rexy in the superbowl. Still good surprising season by the Jets.

I was really looking forward to this game. Favre! Ok, I know its funny how much the media loves him and how much people can and especially the interwebs loath him but I gotta admit I’m on the loving side. I did like the Saints years ago when Katrina happened but for some reason they kind of bug me know. It is great for the city of New Orleans though and I’m happy for them and congratulate them. As for the Vikings and Favre, it does  indeed suck. Fumblefest. If they just held onto the ball a little you would think that the Vikings would be the ones to go to the big dance. Must be awesome for Favre haters to see that last turnover too. Either way this was definitely an entertaining game

Other high notes

My guess is that Favre stays. He will not want to leave on that note. And he had a great season with youngplayers. One more year. I don’t see anything that would hinder having another successful Vikings season.

Damn he took some nasty hits. Vikings offense did not do a good job of protecting the QB

My crappy short video game review – Dragon Age: Origins

Aah. I super liked and hated this game. Well mostly like but there was some definite despise at times. First I will say that it is a fantastic game. If you are a fan of a good ol PC RPG this is def the game for you. Good story, great great characters, lots of hilarious dialogue, good hack n slashing.

The dialogue options had its LOL moments. The micro management for me at times got a little weary. The inventory sytem is blah. I do not want to pick up something off every enemy that I will just sell after I put it in my tiny inventory. The fact that only rogues unlock locked chests enraged me. I didn’t care about the loot but I didn’t know until more than halfway through the game that unlocking a chest gives xp. It pretty much just forces you to have a rogue in the party at all times. The last boss pissed me off. I never really ranged attacked except with my mage who was indisposed by the end of the game due to story reasons. So final battle phase 2 left me in the pits. Ya there were balistas but again unjamming them is only a rogue talent. I would have built my rogue much different if I knew I needed her so much. Oh and too long for me at times. This game sucked the life outa me. Despite all that I must admit this game was pretty damn excellent. Counting Mass Effect, 2 great recent RPGs. and speaking of I cannot freaking wait for Mass Effect 2. Have not been this excited for a game in years.

Late Night

I did think the sparseness of my late night section from my last post was funny but I did want to elaborate a little more. Even though its been discussed ad nauseum, I’ll try to talk about 2 topics that I felt were only glazed over in the recent late night blitz. Since I have mainly talked about sports in this blog, I’ll relate it to that. and music. Jay Leno does not care about either. I watched Leno for years. Looking back I have no idea why I did, I should have been watching Letterman but it took me a while to switch. I remember watching one night and Ellen asked him something about maybe the Grammys (I forget exactly, it was years ago) along the lines if he was excited to see the result of an award. He admitted he knows Dick bupkis about music today and in general for a long time. It really reflects on the show as the musical guests are often of the easy pop mainstream variety.

On the sports side it is just apparent the guy knows nothing about sports next to Letterman and Coco. Letterman and Conan have had many great musical acts and seem to genuinely enjoy it. Letterman is clearly a huge sports fan. He recently had a nice interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson about his time at the U (of Miami) and his father’s wrestling career. Conan is a big baseball fan and does his part in having great interviews with athletes ranging the sports field.

Sacramento Kings watch

The Sacramento Kings continue to lose on a 7 game streak and winning only 1 in the past 13 games. Sadly this is exactly what I feared after having some tough losses. I admit I stopped catching every single game. Just heartbreaking and crappy watching 2-3 hours of your fav team getting their butt kicked.

and finally

wow. My longest post. I try to keep things short and sweet but sometimes I feel like I can go on forever. Superbowl in 2 weeks. woo!

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel

NFL Football Playoffs

January 18, 2010
This  weekend was supposed to have great football games. It didn’t. Most were uneven blowouts. Thankfully the Jets Chargers game was entertaining.

Games I watched – I caught all of them. Most of the 3 blowouts and I did watch all of the NY SD game and it was great. The Chargers somehow satiated my hatred for them. The team has a great season and loses in the playoffs. Lather rinse repeat for the recent team’s seasons. Got to give credit to the Jets. Strong defense and running game. Revis is a monster of a cornerback. You must have heard already about his shutting down many talented wide receivers this year. “Randy Moss twice, Terrell Owens twice, Ochocinco twice, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Marques Colston, Steve Smith, Roddy White, Mike Sims-Walker … They averaged 2.9 receptions and 26.4 yards against Revis.” (http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/9203/versus-revis-all-wrs-in-elimination-game) On the other side of the ball you got the run game and Mark Sanchez. And on the other side of the ball you got the persistent running game from the Jets which was in full force.

Other high notes

Vikings win convincingly. Favre was on point and Sidney Rice is a beast.
Boring lopsided games. Yikes. I stopped watching the Cards Saints game. There was just no fight from the 3 losing teams this weekend, not exciting football to watch
Nate Kaeding missed 3 field goals for the Chargers. After the 3rd he just had a blank dumbfounded look on the sidelines. Kudos on the broadcast team to get these sad shots. I root for people to perform well but I won’t deny its delightful as hell to see someone fall flat. Kickers were just not too successful this year.

My crappy short video game review

No review this week. I’m still playing Dragon Ages Origins. Should have it beat in time for next week. I have my complaints about the game but I can say that its a pretty damn good game.

Late Night

screw you Jay Leno.

and finally

The Sacramento Kings have been on a slide. With a big handful of losses with only 1 win in the recent games. Sigh. At least Kevin Martin is on the court. Next week NFC AFC championship games.

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel

NFL Football Sunday 01/10/10

January 12, 2010
Playoffs came. And actually we’re happen it is gone. Sadly most games were bombs

Games I watched – Well, call me a dumbass because I completely forgot about games on Saturday. I blame the NFL. I was not aware. On Sunday I knew I was not going to catch the games because I’d be once again off snowboarding. Fun on the snow with friends shredding ice to miss sports history. I did try to DVR the games. During the snowboarding halftime I caught the Ravens vs Pats game. I also caught the recaps for Saturday. Ocho! wtf! I got back from snowboarding and watched the 3rd & 4th quarter of the Packers Cardinals game just to get my American futball fix. Exciting entertaing game. Too bad my dvr didn’t catch it all.

Other high notes

I caught the end of that game on ESPN. Great game. I’m now stoked to see how Arizona does in the playoffs. Just like last year strangley. You cannot deny the athletic talent of the Arizona recievers. Fitzgerald.
Bengals. Yikes. This s my fav team because of my fav player, Ocho Cinco. With Ocho Cinco and Cedric Benson having pro bowl seasons, seems like the season came to an abrupt end. With talents like ocho and carson you need to be able to make the football fly down the field. The passing game was a far second place to the running game.
The other games were borefest from what I picked up. The Patriots losing doesn’t surprise me from the pespective of Brad to Welker. He’s Tony Romo’s Witten. Yay for Cowboys. The Ravens running backs are entertaining.
My crappy short video game review – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2

I beat this game a while ago. I like the Call of Duty games. Why the fuck is almost every good game on the 360 a shooting game. I’m playing Dragon Ages: Origins right now. The game is highly reviewed and I also agree that its prettty damn good.  I’ll save the discusion on that and more later. The Russian airport shootout is a little shocking and eerie. The fact that it doesn’t even matter is a little redunk. It is eerie and fun to fight off terrorists in the homelands (burger time). Good game just like every other solid first person shooter.

Late Night

Wow. Talk about a cluserfuck Well leno mission accomplished. How funny that the first mention of carson daily I hear is on Letterman. It seems only fitting that Leno’s rival, old crazy Letterman,  brings up the person who is completely fucked in this deal. None of the talks or articles mention what exactly would happen to Carson and his show. Jimmy Fallon and the Roots would supposedly be placed into Carson’s hard to be succussful time slot. Leno just retire. Frankly you suck and above all you said you would and if you don’t you’re creating a arrogant clusterfuck that’ll eventually even turn the supporters you have now.

and finally

playoffs playoffs playoffs. exciting sports weekend to come. seeya then

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel