NFL Playoffs 01/18/2011

January 21, 2011
The pats lose. That says it all. Post late 

Games I watched

I think I caught almost all of the games. Thanks to the handy dandy dvr. Aaron Rodgers is damn good. Just entertaining to watch. His throw is a fastball. Tom Brady and the Patriots were just plain disappointing. No idea why Brady took so many sacks. Throw the ball away

Other High notes

This post is old so I’m not sure. I will say I’m excited for Blake Griffin in the NBA dunk  contest. If you haven’t seen this youtube top 10 yet. Check it out.

My crappy short review – Skate franchise

Skating is fun. Gamers remember when Tony Hawk came out, it really changed skateboarding games. I would say it even changed skating. I know I picked up a board after falling for the game. Skate 1 had at least the revolutionary gaming impact similar to Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding. Hard to believe that was 2 console generations ago on the playstation 1. From the moment Skate gameplay videos were shown it was obvious that this game had the nuts. I really like the authentic realistic skate feel of the game. At the same time they allow the crazy outrage we love in gaming. A surprisingly welcome difficulty just helps the long term love of this franchise. I haven’t touched skate 3 yet but I did beat 1 and am in the middle of part 2.  My friend used to say skating feels like your flying. The skate games put you in the place to stomp an ollie and feel like you’re flying down a hill on a board.


And finally

NFL final four this weekend. My picks are the Packers and the Jets with the Packs going all the way.  Stay tuned!