NBA NHL Playoffs 04/25/11

April 25, 2011

getting into exciting first rounds

Games I watched

Watched a lot of playoff basketball. Nice to see the high seeds struggle and even lose to the young upstart teams like the Grizzlies.  Chris Paul doing well again. I hate to see someones career be hampered by injury so to see him in full force against the Lakers is a highlight. He definitely filled up the highlight real with some flashy crossovers, making people look silly. Lakers losing game 1 in round 1, good stuff for the Laker haters.
Sharks came back to win 6-5 in overtime in game 3 against the LA Kings. Booya. I watched it all. It was glorious. Down 4-0 in the 2nd quarter. Sharks have consistently started bad this series though. They need to start strong to wrap up the series and avoid game 7. I don’t want to shave my hockey beard.

Other High notes

Rick Adelman mutually parted ways with the Rockets. That is a shame. He mutually departed ways with the Kings years ago also. We went through I think 3 coaches after him. I felt his departure was premature then as it is now with Houston. A shame too he had bad luck with injuries with the Kings and even worse with Yao Ming and Tmac. I hope he gets another chance in the NBA.

My crappy short review – Walking Dead (comic)

I didn’t have a game to review. Then I just remembered what game I wanted to. oh well, next time. This comic doesn’t really need any more press or a bump in sales really. I’m sure with the popularity of the television show the sales numbers are doing just fine. The series was super popular before the show was even announced. Regardless I bet there are people out there who don’t read The Walking Dead. And some who don’t read any comics at all. For the uninitiated comics are usually 24 pages released in single issues on a monthly basis (usually) and sometimes biweekly or quarterly and so on. The Walking Dead is your typical ongoing monthly series. Same as Superman, Batman, Uncanny X-men, it comes out every month and you can plan on it staying that way for a loong time. These single issues are collected into what is called trade paperbacks, trades for short. Trades are sold on amazon, comic shops, and various bookstores in the comic and graphic novel section. So after you finish all the trades of your fav comic, go into a comic shop. Don’t worry the nerds don’t bite. Ask to open a pull list and just tell them what comics you want to follow. Oh I forgot to mention, comics come out every Wednesday. With a pull list they will reserve a copy for you each time an issue comes out on that Wednesday. So you can stay completely up to date with Rick and company every issue. Look at that you are a genuine comic book nerd now. Careful comics are addicting.

This was all probably just an excuse to bring up the holy shit! moment of issues 83. No spoilers here just a wow! I really hope they get around to more and more crazy stuff in the tv show that writer Robert Kirkman does in the comic.


And finally

quote of the playoffs so far. reporting.

Arron Afflalo from the denver nuggets asked by a reporter, “Could it be that they’re just better than you.” response is – “hah.  think so? (“exactly”, heard from the reporter.)
“No… but they up 3-0 so a win is a win that’s all that means on the scoreboard. But. No”


NBA NHL Playoffs 04/17/11

April 17, 2011

its playoff time. Yes!

Games I watched

Watched March Madness. I won the pool I was participating in. Win for me. On championship day a friend of mine came over and she ended up watching the big game with me. It was fun because I ended up getting her to root for Butler just like me. The bad news is Butler stunk the joint up. Badly. We were screaming at the TV. I really don’t get how you can play a 2nd half that bad. The game was entertaining either way. I just wished Butler put up more of a fight. I heard from PTI that Brad Stevens uses advanced analytics. He didn’t go into detail about exactly what he does but I bet some fancy new school analysis is going on.

Just watched the Sharks get killed by the LA Kings. The announcers threw out the penalty kill stat for the Sharks is ranked 24th. Yikes, and it showed. After the first and second penalty its like they gave up because they knew they sucked at penalty kills. The play and stat does not bode well honestly but the constant optimist in me is confident in at least a 1st round victory.

Caught some NBA playoffs games. Indiana was robbed in their first game. I jumped into the game late but I saw Indiana leading with the end of the game looming in the close distance. Good win for the Bulls. Strangely I’m not nearly as bitter about basketball as I was last years playoffs. I’m thinking its because the Tim Donaghy scandal is a becoming a farther memory (haha I know what you’re saying- dumb Kings fan, get over it!) and that there is more of question mark of whose going to make a finals run.

Other High notes

The Sacramento Kings. I’ve been on high alert constant Kings news watch. Every little news bit has me either angry, crying, or hopeful. For the uninitiated the Sacramento area has been unable to create concrete plans to build a new arena. Plenty of people are at fault the city, the politicians, the people of sacramento, the maloofs, hell maybe the Kings for not competing more and getting more wins. Point is I love the Kings and so do many others and we want the team to stay. Latest news is Ron Burkle, savior of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is trying to save the day and keep the Kings in Sacramento. Oh and who the hell is going to go to the games or watch the games in Anaheim?

My crappy short review – MLB the Show 11

This game is good. Damn good. Best baseball game ever. I haven’t been able to play previous versions since the ps2 and it was pretty good then. Excellent animations. Excellent ballparks. Just plain fun. Better than MVP Baseball 2005. If you are even a slight baseball fan you really should give this game a try. Only thing is if you already are a MLB the Show fan I’m not sure how much new material is in this years version to make your mind explode like mine. I consider this my first time really playing the franchise. I play too many sports games. I want to play Dragon Age 2 but I don’t know if time will permit any time soon. Too bad too because the first one rocked my socks.


And finally

I just found and joined Description is “We support affordable, effective, fun learning games. We’re starting with an existing $10 TV-computer as a platform for learning games in the developing world.” The $10 computer is equivalent to the NES. The tutorials teach you how to program for the original NES! and for a good cause. How cool is that. check it out.

long post. keep watching the playoffs. my blog sucks.

Happy New Year!! 12/30/10

December 30, 2010

Well almost. I was gone from this blog a long time. I don’t really know why but I’m back. And we’re back

Games I watched

I watched football. The NFL season is coming to a close. Playoffs will be awesome. The playoff picture isn’t set yet but my pick will be Philly Eagles. Like that Michael Vick. I missed posting for the whole season. Some highlights – Bay area teams still suck even with a lot help. Would be nice if the Raiders or 49ers actually made the playoffs instead of being not even really close but appearing to be somewhat in the hunt. Also Brett Favre texted his oenis to Jenn Sterger.

The San Francisco Giants won the world series. hell ya

The Kings drafted Demarcus Cousins this year. He is thought of as a good player with possible attitude problems. He’s good and no Artest moments yet. Problem is the Kings still suck. Losing all the time must suck. Awesomely Tyreke Evans got a halfcourt game winning shot last night.

Other high notes

Nothing. Zach Galifinakis was pretty funny on SNL. Tiger will play before the the Masters (I think). and Favre will play next year. Sorry I know these are cheap but I got nothin.

My crappy short review – Fallout 3 New Vegas

I wonder what I would grade Fallout 3 when I played it when it came out. I recall that I wasn’t very kind on my opinion of it. Same goes for New Vegas. The game did have is addicting and charming traits but it was bundled with a lot of frustration. There is lots of getting lost, backtracking, and drab claustrophobic areas. Just too much of an expansion pack of Fallout 3. Still fun game. I’ll go with a 7/10


and finally

Last week of the season before NFL playoffs. happy holidays. happy new year!

NFL Football Playoffs 01/24/10

January 25, 2010

The Superbowl teams are now set in stone.

Games I watched – A week into the playoffs I realized that while this format works well with the regular season, it is a little funky for the playoffs, but I’m a lazy bastard so lets continue. I did catch both AFC and the NFC championship games. The Jets Colts game was good until Manning caught on and started destroying the great Jets D. Just shows how good the guy is. He adapted to the game and by the end he was unstoppable. Would have been entertaining to have Dirty Mark Sanchez and Sexy Coach Rexy in the superbowl. Still good surprising season by the Jets.

I was really looking forward to this game. Favre! Ok, I know its funny how much the media loves him and how much people can and especially the interwebs loath him but I gotta admit I’m on the loving side. I did like the Saints years ago when Katrina happened but for some reason they kind of bug me know. It is great for the city of New Orleans though and I’m happy for them and congratulate them. As for the Vikings and Favre, it does  indeed suck. Fumblefest. If they just held onto the ball a little you would think that the Vikings would be the ones to go to the big dance. Must be awesome for Favre haters to see that last turnover too. Either way this was definitely an entertaining game

Other high notes

My guess is that Favre stays. He will not want to leave on that note. And he had a great season with youngplayers. One more year. I don’t see anything that would hinder having another successful Vikings season.

Damn he took some nasty hits. Vikings offense did not do a good job of protecting the QB

My crappy short video game review – Dragon Age: Origins

Aah. I super liked and hated this game. Well mostly like but there was some definite despise at times. First I will say that it is a fantastic game. If you are a fan of a good ol PC RPG this is def the game for you. Good story, great great characters, lots of hilarious dialogue, good hack n slashing.

The dialogue options had its LOL moments. The micro management for me at times got a little weary. The inventory sytem is blah. I do not want to pick up something off every enemy that I will just sell after I put it in my tiny inventory. The fact that only rogues unlock locked chests enraged me. I didn’t care about the loot but I didn’t know until more than halfway through the game that unlocking a chest gives xp. It pretty much just forces you to have a rogue in the party at all times. The last boss pissed me off. I never really ranged attacked except with my mage who was indisposed by the end of the game due to story reasons. So final battle phase 2 left me in the pits. Ya there were balistas but again unjamming them is only a rogue talent. I would have built my rogue much different if I knew I needed her so much. Oh and too long for me at times. This game sucked the life outa me. Despite all that I must admit this game was pretty damn excellent. Counting Mass Effect, 2 great recent RPGs. and speaking of I cannot freaking wait for Mass Effect 2. Have not been this excited for a game in years.

Late Night

I did think the sparseness of my late night section from my last post was funny but I did want to elaborate a little more. Even though its been discussed ad nauseum, I’ll try to talk about 2 topics that I felt were only glazed over in the recent late night blitz. Since I have mainly talked about sports in this blog, I’ll relate it to that. and music. Jay Leno does not care about either. I watched Leno for years. Looking back I have no idea why I did, I should have been watching Letterman but it took me a while to switch. I remember watching one night and Ellen asked him something about maybe the Grammys (I forget exactly, it was years ago) along the lines if he was excited to see the result of an award. He admitted he knows Dick bupkis about music today and in general for a long time. It really reflects on the show as the musical guests are often of the easy pop mainstream variety.

On the sports side it is just apparent the guy knows nothing about sports next to Letterman and Coco. Letterman and Conan have had many great musical acts and seem to genuinely enjoy it. Letterman is clearly a huge sports fan. He recently had a nice interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson about his time at the U (of Miami) and his father’s wrestling career. Conan is a big baseball fan and does his part in having great interviews with athletes ranging the sports field.

Sacramento Kings watch

The Sacramento Kings continue to lose on a 7 game streak and winning only 1 in the past 13 games. Sadly this is exactly what I feared after having some tough losses. I admit I stopped catching every single game. Just heartbreaking and crappy watching 2-3 hours of your fav team getting their butt kicked.

and finally

wow. My longest post. I try to keep things short and sweet but sometimes I feel like I can go on forever. Superbowl in 2 weeks. woo!

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel

NFL Sunday 01/04/2010

January 5, 2010
Playoffs?!! Playoffs?!
Playoffs next week!

Games I watched – I watched Pitt and Miami. I wanted to see how teams responded in a must win situation. I liked Miami. Wildcat!! So its too bad that they sustained 2 QB injuries and their playoff chances were slim to none. Henne out in 2nd half with eye injury?? A quick google and a Miami Herald article said Chad Henne got hit in the head and couldn’t rid blurry vision. Pat White subbed in. Looked completely lost. For passing he had only 1 uncompleted pass play. Just a handful of play into being subbed in, White ran the ball and got a rough collision, helmet to helmet with Ike Taylor. You  can plainly see he was out after the collision. Scary sight. Nice to here he was released from the hospital Monday morning and said to be ok.

Watched Philly vs Cowboys. With another win its good for Dallas to have a good December.

I also watched half of the night game, Bengals vs Jets. Too bad the Bengals didn’t play. Oh and I hope ocho is 100% for next week. Injuries suck.

Other high notes

oops. see above.
My crappy short video game review – Mass Effect

I keep forgetting to get to these. I have still been an achievement 360 binge. I heard lost of good things from Mass Effect but I was skeptical. I didn’t really get into Star Wars KOTOR. Fighting and dialogue was awkward. But I always did want to give it another chance. Mass Effect blew me away. I did hear of the saucy romantical scenes included but other than stellar reviews and that it was made by BioWare, nothing else. Oh ya I heard about the elevators. Fantastic story and universe, really fleshed out. Characters are all unique. It took a while to get used to the combat but I adjusted. Its damn satisfying using biotics to toss and lift people up while you blast them with your super duper future blasters.

The dialogue all was engaging and the speech choice options kept things exciting. One minor complaint I can say is that sometimes the brief description of the dialogue choice differed from what I thought my character wanted to say.

I could go on and on but this is supposed to be short and crappy. Right now I can just say for me best game I played on the 360. Best of the best with GTA IV. Can’t wait for Mass Effect 2. I haven’t been this excited for a game in a while.

and finally

Last post I mentioned back to back tough losses by the Sac Kings. The Kings fortuitous schedule allowed them to get another chance against Lakers on Friday the first. After blowing a 20 point lead Umi Udoka gets a chance to seal the game with 2 free throws and lead by 4 points with seconds remaining on the clock. Both close misses – Kobe left wide open for a 3. Game over. Happy new years everyone!

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel

NFL Football Sunday 12/26/09

December 29, 2009
Just 1 more regular season weekend. Most of the playoff picture is set, just have to be patient for the playoffs.

Games I watched – Not the most exciting weekend football wise for me. Just watched the Denver Philly game and the some of the Oakland Browns. Philly always have a good ending to their seasons. I’m interested to see what they can do this year in the playoffs. I’ll give props to McNabb because he has been around for a long time doing very well, but those years gotta be coming to a close eventually. Only so many chances left.

Other high notes

Colts join the Saints in being defeated this season. I do NOT agree with the benching of P. Manning though. Maybe when its guarentee win. I agree with the sports writers in saying how does this help their season.

The NY Giants did not make the playoffs and also lose badly for the last time in their current arena.

While watching the Denver Philly game Jim Nantz and Phil Simms brought up a chip in the football to be used for football position. I was wondering if this was ever discussed because I know I have thought of it before. While watching Pardon The Interuption, Tony and Michael have even mentioned machines to determine  ball and strike territory in baseball.  All cool neat stuff and leads to what is important and that is getting the call right. It could even lead to speeding up games. Something which I think any fan would be happy about. In addition to a chip in the football I imagine electronics on players jerseys to determine touch and downing on the ground. The human touch would still be needed for many calls but why not use tech if it helps. Now if only any of this advanced tech could help officiating in the NBA.

and finally

The Kings lost 2 overtime games in a row to the Cavs and the Lakers. Tough losses. c’mon NFL playoffs!

If you stumble upon my blog feel free to comment on what you watched or caught you this weekend. or anything you feel

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2009


Football on Thanksgiving much like NBA on Christmas is a great holiday diversion. Watching the Lions vs Packers as I’m writing this. I mentioned the Lions victory briefly in my NFL Sunday post, I failed to mention the nice finish by Stafford. He had a game winning drive that ended in an injured non-throwing arm pass by Stafford for a TD. Also, Troy Aikman said he looks like a 16 year old. Too bad after as I was writing this he stunk the joint up.

FOX halftime crew is just better than the CBS one. Much more entertaining.

I wasn’t able to watch the Raiders upset the Bengals last week due to NFL black out rules. Arrr. Change it Goodell. Every other week I have to sit through a crappy losing bay area team then a team I want to see and I can’t. and it was a good game.


I started writing this on X-giving but I’m finishing it on Post Tgiving. The Kings are playing the Nets, 0-15. That’s 0-15. They close to tying the worse start which is currently 0-17.

Games -Uncharted 2

My crappy review. Game kicked ass. Best Gfx I’ve seen this gen hands down and ranks up in the all time good lists. I beat it somewhat relatively quickly, I can see how some can complain about that. I did power through it with my watching roommate on hand. Funny it was like the ps3 commercial.  Great acting. The scenes and acting were motion captured, had a hunch it was. Girls were hot. Ridiculous action. Lots of cursing. Killing 1000s of people. Good game.

NBA 2K10

I can’t resist sports games. They let ya do what you watch sports for. NBA 2k10 has a MyPlayer mode.  You start as a rookie in the NBA and attempt to have a long a fruitful NBA career. I was chosen by the Memphis Grizzlies. We were a decent team.  Often struggling to win having a record dipping under .500. Then Shaq the Diesel was traded to the Grizzles. Hah! Now were 6th in the West with about 15-20 games to go. I can only imagine Shaq daddy slinging out his trademark shaqology for Memphis. Good game.

Also just watched Jimmy the Greek from ESPN’s 30 for 30. The Len Bias episode was moving as with this one. Check em out. Ron Artest was in his boxers on Kimmel last week. I miss him . But the Kings are on the upside. Rockets are from him too. Dinner time. So till next time. Hope the Nets get a chance to tie that record.